Board of Podiatric Medicine

Fictitious Name Permit

The purpose of a fictitious name permit (FNP) is to allow a licensed physician and surgeon or doctor of podiatric medicine to practice under a name other than his or her own. Business and Professions Code section 2285 states: "The use of any fictitious, false, or assumed name, or any name other than his or her own by a licensee either alone, in conjunction with a partnership or group, or as the name of a professional corporation, in any public communication, advertisement, sign, or announcement of his or her practice without a fictitious-name permit obtained pursuant to Section 2415 constitutes unprofessional conduct."

Applications for fictitious name permits are reviewed in date-received order, with an approximate processing time of four to six weeks. After review, the permit is approved or a letter of deficiency is mailed to the applicant explaining the specific problems. The Medical Board closely monitors fictitious names to ensure that similar names are not issued. If there is a name discrepancy, the FNP coordinators will work directly with the applicant, either by phone, fax, or e-mail, to agree upon an alternative name. If an application is received without payment of the $50 processing fee made out to the Medical Board of California, it will immediately be returned to the applicant.

For further questions, call the Licensing Program at (916) 263-2382 or (800) 633-2322.