Board of Podiatric Medicine

BPM E-Updates

  • WFAC 2013, A Board with Heart
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "be brave and truthful, keep your poetry and integrity.”
  • April 2012, Article, When She Talks, People Listen...
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "Dr. Karen L. Wrubel, CPMA President-Elect, and Immediate Past President of the State Board of Podiatric Medicine, draws attention whenever and wherever she speaks ."
  • November 2010, Article, Inside BPM
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "One of the few Boards without backlogs, and still the only Board with a Continuing Competence program, the Board Members have kept staff focused on our statutory mission."
  • October 2010, Article, Treat the Patient, Doctor
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "Today, podiatric medical doctors are too important an asset to California healthcare to not fully utilize your skills."
  • August 2010, Article, Letter to Licensees
    Karen L. Wrubel, DPM, President and Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "...the California Attorney General has made it clear once and for all that DPMs may perform full, admitting history and physical exams in acute care hospitals and that this H&P is not limited to the defined scope of practice."
  • August 2010, Article, Governor Signs SB 953
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "SB 953, by deleting B&P Code Section 2397(d), removes a barrier enacted 30-years ago to DPMs providing Good Samaritan emergency care beyond your regular foot and ankle scope..."
  • August 2009, Article, Preventing Patient Harm
    Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "Podiatric medicine has become an elite medical specialty in California, holding itself to a higher standard."
  • February 2009, Article, How State Licensing Boards Work
    Michael J. Levi, DPM, President and Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "How does the Board decide who to go after?"
  • June 2008, Article, Quality, Quality, Quality
    Michael J. Levi, DPM, Vice President and Jim Rathlesberger, MPA, Executive Officer
    "The State's concern is quality of care."
  • February 2008, Article, DPMs Still Lead
    Jim Rathlesberger, M.P.A.
    "Lawmakers know you are setting the standard. Remember AB 932?"
  • November 2006, Article, California Dreaming
    Jim Rathlesberger, M.P.A. with Hienvu C. Nguyen, DPM, Board President
    ".....still having to fight here and there for a level playing field,
    the Board of Podiatric Medicine has had the luxury of little attachment to the Status Quo."
  • August 2006, Article, Physician Partnership
    Jim Rathlesberger, M.P.A.
    "...DPMs sometimes ask if they can hire or be in partnerships with MDs or DOs."  
  • February 2006 - Article, Maintaining a Good Record
    Dr. Nguyen and Jim Rathlesberger
    "... a good record with the state is not difficult. Almost all of the Board of Podiatric Medicine's
    (BPM) licensees manage to do so."

  • September 2004 - AB 932 A Big Victory
    "With CPMA's educational work on AB 932,
    the profession is already better recognized as the elite specialty it is.
    Policy makers are realizing that DPMs hold themselves to
    higher professional licensing standards than any other medical specialty.
    That provided high ground for turning this years-long struggle into success."

  • April 2004 - Calling Our Better Angels
    Joan Jerzak addresses the long-acknowledged ethical duty of doctors, nurses, and
    other health professionals to report substandard practitioners

  • March 2004 - The Board is the Board
    "With State licensing boards, "The Board"can mean different things. Sometimes
    "the Board" means the agency as a whole. I often think of it as an institution,
    one built from the past contributions of many different people and demanding
    ongoing stewardship."

  • 2002 - Podiatric Medical Licensure
    "Licensing Boards Back Model Law"

  • 1997 - Podiatric Medical Licensure
    "Consumers Back Public Member Majority"