Board of Podiatric Medicine

BPM Board Members & BPM Staff

Board Members Appointing Authority Term*
John Y. Cha, DPM, President Governor 12/21/12 - 6/1/16
Michael A. Zapf, DPM, Vice President Governor 12/21/12 - 6/1/17
Kristina M. Dixon, MBA Speaker 11/15/10 - 6/1/18
Neil B. Mansdorf, DPM Governor 12/21/12 - 6/1/16
Melodi Masaniai Governor 4/24/13 – 6/1/18
Judith Manzi, DPM Governor 9/3/14 6/1/18
Darlene C. Elliot Senate 1/27/16 - 6/1/19

*California law provides for an extension of up to one year until the member is reappointed or replaced with a new appointee.

Consumer Affairs Board Member Information

BPM Staff

Jason S. Campbell, JD, Executive Officer
Kathleen Cooper, JD, Administration Analyst
Bethany DeAngelis, Enforcement Coordinator
Kia-Maria Zamora, Licensing Coordinator
Andreia Damian, Program Technician

Updated January 20, 2016